Five Month Mark

JBear celebrated a five month birthday yesterday.  He is turning into quite the handsome little guy.  He has lustrous consistent locks from his ear tips to his tail tip.  He is always curious but still cautious.  Halter training has been limping along, my fault.  Hoping to step it up over the winter provided I won’t turn into a peep pop (human popsicle)!

Speaking of winter, another farm fur critter has commenced with his winter doldrums.  Linus has been moping about, sleeping lots and expressing shortness with his fur brother and sister.  I can’t say I blame him.  I find as I become more mature my feelings for winter become less mature.  “Noooo, why so soon!”  “I’m over it, how long till spring?”

Aren’t I cute?
Sleeping till spring. Do Not Disturb!

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