RIP Miss Felicity 10/4/1999 – 2/15/18

Felicity and Faith 9/28/2016

Today we sadly said good-bye to Miss Felicity.  At 19 she was still the queen of the “girls”.  She kept everyone in line and made sure she had first access to the best of the crumbles and hay.  She is survived here on our farm by her beautiful baby girl, Hannah’s Faith, another of her daughters Birdie and her granddaughter June Bug and her son Bo Jangles and his son Sting Ray.  She has left a strong legacy behind.  As I fed the “girls” tonight her presence was sorely missed.

A couple of days ago Felicity was struggling to get up and down and was moving very gingerly with her hind legs and having trouble maintaining her balance.  Today when the vet looked at her she felt that she may have broken a bone.  Perhaps she fell.  We won’t know.  The prognosis for an elderly alpaca suffering from a broken bone in her hindquarters is very poor.  Not expecting such a grim diagnosis I struggled with the right thing to do.  She has always been very stoic.  I did not want her to suffer anymore.  I was unhappy with the way she had been doing this winter.  She frequently, on our coldest days, would be shivering.  She took a long time to lay down probably due to stiffness or arthritis.  I was pretty sure this would be her last winter.  Prior to this happening I was thinking I would give her the summer and then before winter next year put her down.  Today our timeline jumped forward significantly.

Felicity thank you for your beautiful offspring and for managing the herd so well.  May you rest pain-free now.

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