Secret Night Time Visitor

We have a visitor who we never see during the day.  He/she makes a circuit around the house and then heads to the barn.  If we didn’t have snow we wouldn’t know they were here.  It’s only because they leave their tracks and pellets behind that we are aware of our visitor.  Based on the tracks our visitor is a rabbit.  Apparently said bunny also enjoys checking in on the alpacas or more likely searching for dropped kiblets hiding in the hay discards on the ground.

Bunny tracks leading directly to the barn.
Through the fence to the barn we go!

I took these photos on Tuesday morning.  The temperature was 17 degrees but sunny.  There were snow diamonds sparkling.  It was a sight to see.  Unfortunately it didn’t translate to the photos.  Today is overcast, drizzly, and 51.  The snow diamonds have melted leaving behind exposed brown grass and puddles.  Since, however, it is just the beginning of January I’m sure the snow shall return along with the bitter cold.


Bo enjoying kiblets and the sun.
Someone has an attitude!
Lets all eat outside in the sunshine.
Sharing doesn’t happen often.



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