Crazy Daisy and Other June Tidbits

I love Daisy!  She has the most unique personality of all our alpacas and follows the beat of her own drummer.  She is more curious than most cats.  She notices objects, whether they are high in the sky or low to the ground that the fall below or above the other alpaca’s radars.  She always does things with her distinctive Daisy style.  Drinking water is one of them.  For reasons only Daisy knows it is important that her feet are in the water container while she is drinking!  (Needless to say I clean that water bucket on a daily basis.)  😐

“Ah that tastes better!”


“Now how can I drink out of the bucket and have both feet in it at the same time?”

I’ve decided to breed Daisy this year.  I love her personality, and her fleece.  She may not be a show quality alpaca but her fleece feels like heaven.  I’m anxious to see how her 2016 fleece made into yarn (which is done and waiting for pick up at the mill) turned out.  For her romantic alpaca connection I’ve chosen Bo Jangles.  He also has an easy-going personality and has lots of luster and fineness for a black fleeced alpaca.  He is the father of my irrepressible Sting Ray.

The first “date” between the two occurred on Sunday.  Daisy is a maiden (never been bred) female.  Daisy approached the whole date with her own unique Daisy twist.  After 15 minutes of romance Daisy decided to get more comfortable.  I think Bo was left feeling a little frustrated!

“So – I could go for a nap!”

I finally finished redoing my garden fence.  Though not perfect and a learning lesson, it is better than what was there previously.  The lesson learned?  If you are reusing fencing that is bent out of shape (perhaps by deer trying to run through it), it does not straighten out no matter how much stretching you do to it.  I’ve expended enough hours into the project for this year and will have to be satisfied with the results.  Also in an attempt to eliminate the grass growing around the fencing edges I’ve lined the front with a rock border.

Redone fencing and straw mulch to cut down on the weeds and grass in between the garden boxes.  By the way the tall flowering plants in the left foreground are my rhubarb plants.  They are going gang busters this year.  I had to cut them back because they were taking over that corner of the garden.

I love the process of gardening!  Planting tiny seeds and seeing them sprout into seedlings never ceases to fill me with amazement!  God’s handiwork at it’s most mysterious!

Pumpkin seedlings.

What do you get when you take one Zoey and add one box?  Why a Zoey Box, of course.

Zoey loves boxes of all shapes and sizes.  Her most recent favorite has been the box that my rice cooker came in.  It has resided on the kitchen nook bench for the last month or so advertising the rice cooker it once housed.  I got sick of looking at it but didn’t want to take away Zoey’s favorite box.  So I covered it in contact paper.  Now we both can be happy!

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