Weaning Time

Last week I intiated the excrutiating process (for the alpacas) of weaning.  To make the process as easy as possible on both Moms and babies I’ve been separating the babies at breakfast time from the Moms.  Then at dinner time I’ve been letting the babies back with their Moms for the night.  During the day the babies are with Daisy and Andraya, who have become reluctant nannies.

Hello, Mommy are you there?
Someone please tell me why my Mommy is hiding!
Where are you Mommy?

Tomorrow night the babies won’t be going back with their Moms.  As the week has gone by I’ve seen signs of independence.  The babies have been venturing out in the pasture on their own.  Tonight when the babies went back to their Moms Sting Ray didn’t even nurse first thing, though the other two were quite anxious to.

The babies are on the back side of eight months of age.  I want to rebreed Twizzler (Sting Ray’s Mom) and Birdie (June Bug’s Mom) in mid June for babies next year.  This will give them a couple weeks to recouperate before becoming pregnant again.  I have to say that nature has wired them to be pregnant.  They are always on the the lookout for the “boys” and Birdie has been “practicing” breeding with Twizzler, much to Twizzler’s dislike!

Things are never dull here on the farm!

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