RIP Jinx 5/1998 – 3/30/17


IMG_1613 (2)


Today we reluctantly let go of our patriarch of the Johnson catdom.  Jinx was approaching 19 years of age.  He had nine more lives than your average cat.  He was steadfast and true.  Even when he had his health issues over the last few years he tried to be a conscientious cat.

Deciding when to let him go was the hardest thing we’ve done with any of our pets.  He wasn’t on his deathbed sick.  He frequently had good days, though recently his bad days started to outnumber his good.  He was down to just skin and bones but still had a healthy appetite.  He could still jump up on our bed (with the help of a stool), still spent the evenings sitting in my lap and still occasionally appeared downstairs, negotiating a full flight of stairs.  In his younger days he used to like to play fetch.  We acquired him from the Auburn Hills Animal Shelter within weeks of our marriage and the move into our home in Troy.  He was the the true friend and companion of Gabe the cat until Gabe’s death.  He has been with us the whole length of our marriage!

We will miss you Jinxy!!

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