Pacas, Pacas and more Pacas!

I’ve been earnestly working at all things alpaca related, especially in the media department.  As winter winds down (yesterday was the 1st day of spring!) I’m working hard at getting this website in shape before all my outdoor chores overwhelm me.  I want visitors to be able to click on my WordPress link and be able to have information on our farm from alpacas to alpaca products.  I ask for your patience as I fill in the pages over the course of the next couple of months.

In the meantime, here are some paca pictures and videos.

June Bug looking grown up.
Bug again.  Looking  regal.  She gets that from her Mama.  She is acting like an independent tweenage alpaca.  Frequently wandering away from Mom (and the rest of the herd) to explore and get into trouble!

Daisy and Linus’ friendship continues to grow.  Linus isn’t afraid to be on the ground with Daisy.  I guess he feels comfortable enough with her to know that she isn’t going to trample him.  Daisy is the only alpaca he trusts to be this vulnerable with.  The babies are curious but a little too spastic for him.

And finally…

A chilly sunrise this morning.  A little golden light to go with that frost, please.

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